Wise Care 365

Wise Care 365 is another program for cleaning and optimizing computer performance. In addition to cleaning and optimizing the operating system itself, the program maintains a small range of third-party programs and performs their cleaning. The functionality of Wise Care 365 is about the same as that of most competitors. And, like other developers of such software, the basic version of the program is a bit intrusive with suggestions for switching to a paid, advanced counterpart, as well as installing additional products of the author.

Cleaning – the program deletes unnecessary files. These include unnecessary files that may appear during the operation of the operating system and third-party programs, as well as various event logs, application history (for example, browsing history in the browser), various reports, memory dumps, temporary files and so on. Thanks to cleaning, you can free up quite a lot of space on your hard disk and even speed up your computer a little.

Optimization – many tools to configure the operating system to improve its performance. Acceleration on / off, optimization of the processes, a lot of small settings to optimize the various functions of the operating system, tools to optimize the network. In the same section there are functions of hard disk defragmentation, registry compression and autorun control.

Also Wise Care 365 contains functions for deleting history (viewing sites, graphics, videos and files) and securely deleting files and erasing entire disks. Another section of functions is the tab with information about the computer’s hardware, as well as the operating system’s process manager.

In addition to the basic functionality, the Wise Care 365 menu contains a whole set of links to additional small developer programs. This, for example, is a utility for removing programs, a program for optimizing memory performance, a small application for searching a computer, and similar things. They are downloaded from the Internet and installed separately from Wise Care 365. Be careful, otherwise it will give you too much.

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