Windows 7 Manager

Windows 7 Manager is a fairly functional set of tools for tuning and optimizing the operation of the Windows 7 operating system. In general, the program is needed for comprehensive maintenance of the operating system and enhanced control over standard Windows functions.

The rich tools of Windows 7 Manager include a set of tools for setting a number of hidden parameters of the operating system, editing various menus and panels, fine-tuning the internal parameters of various functions, optimizing and cleaning the system, and information and diagnostic functions. Among other things, there are several tools to increase the speed of work, by automatically clearing the memory, setting up the launch of applications, and managing system services. The program also has sections for improving security and optimizing network performance.

Some tools are a substitute for the standard features of the OS. For example, the program has an improved process manager, more convenient startup managers and a task scheduler, and a search and problem solving system.

Of course, in Windows 7 Manager there are several useful tools for cleaning the system and deleting unnecessary files: deleting junk files, analyzing the space occupied by each folder, cleaning the Desktop, finding duplicates, cleaning and defragmenting the registry, completely removing programs.

The program has one small drawback: it is distributed only in English and some users will find it difficult to understand the mass of settings.

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