Defraggler is a simple and convenient tool for defragmenting your hard disk. Files stored on the hard disk are recorded in separate parts, and Defraggler organizes their placement, thereby increasing the speed of reading information and, consequently, the speed of the system.

Defraggler is simple, convenient and will not cause difficulties even for a novice user. The program has a simple and convenient interface with visual information about the defragmentation process and complete information about the status of the hard disk. The program has full and fast defragmentation modes, supports defragmentation of both the entire disk and individual files and has a scheduler to work on a schedule.

It remains to add that, unlike some competitors, Defraggler is distributed completely free of charge.

What is new in Defraggler 2.22:

  • Improved detection of new SSD carriers.
  • Improved detection of SSD carriers in laptops.
  • Added new menu with information about privacy.
  • Improved installer program.
  • Fixed an issue where the scheduled defragmentation was imperceptibly stopped.

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