Cleaning your computer from unnecessary files

Littering Windows goes quickly, if you often install and remove various programs. After the removal of programs, the garbage remains and gradually accumulates. After some time, the user notices the braking in the computer.

Young “hackers” who install and uninstall programs every day, and Windows can reinstall every month. And what can they lose! They usually have nothing on the computer, except for games and useless programs.

People of considerable age on the computer type texts, correspond, communicate on the Internet. They usually do not abuse installation-uninstall programs, so a computer, without reinstalling the system, can work not only for months, but for years!

However, unnecessary files still accumulate, so they need to be promptly deleted in order to prolong the “life” of the operating system. Personally, I do not want to reinstall the system often. Because, then you need to reinstall and configure the programs that were on the computer before reinstalling.

Thus, it is necessary from time to time to clean the hard drive from the accumulated debris. Otherwise, a warning will appear that the disk space C (D, E) is not enough. This can lead to computer malfunctions.

There are many programs for cleaning the hard disk. However, I am wary of these programs. About 5 years ago I, with the help of one of the programs, carried out a deep cleaning of the system, as a result of which I had to reinstall Windows. Therefore, I believe that novice computer users need to start with programs built into the Windows system itself.

Perhaps these programs are not as nimble as third-party programs. But they are managed by the Windows operating system, which knows best of all where its rubbish was lying around. She will not harm herself.

Therefore, colleagues, I suggest, for a start, to master the firmware for cleaning the disk. You do not have to download and install this program, because it already stands on your computer! This program is in Russian, so you will not need to use a translator.