BleachBit is a simple but powerful system cleaner with an ascetic interface. A tool to remove program data, junk files and just junk data that can be accumulated on a user’s computer. All these operations will free up space on your hard disk.

BleachBit allows you to delete unnecessary files that appear from the operating system itself, as well as data from third-party programs. A wide range of the most popular programs is supported and this list is constantly expanding. In general, BleachBit can delete backups, temporary files, various operation logs, installers, etc. Separately, support for deleting data from all popular browsers should be noted, which can be used to destroy traces of surfing.

From other cleaners of the system, the program has a very simple, ascetic interface, which displays only the necessary data. The left pane displays a list of programs and data that can be deleted, and the right pane displays a description of the data to be deleted and, after deletion, a report on the operation performed.

The utility is completely free, open source. Compatible with Windows operating systems from XP to 10.

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